To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong


Being right is really over rated. ( Trust me! )  Sometimes we value being right, over being free and happy. Creativity is about openness and freedom, being right is about rigidity and stubbornness. Sometimes we are wrong, and although that may sting, it is something that we need to be open to.  In reality nothing is right or wrong in the world, everything is relative. When we open our mind to possibilities and we are flexible, things are much more likely go smoother for us . People change on a consistent basis, sometimes we discover we actually like things we didn't used to like in the past, and vise versa. Be open to everything, allow yourself to play, and don’t allow the fear of being wrong to hold you back from living your absolute best life. … [Read more...]

Love is The Biggest WHY for Reaching Your Goals And Dreams


Hello! : ) In this Video I share with you why I believe that LOVE needs to be the foundation of any goals and dreams. I truly believe that love is the number one accelerator for any of your desires. If your foundation is built on a desire for money, success, or fame, you are SO much more likely to give up when times get tough. These are all things that can be gained and lost, so even when you attain them you will still not be happy in the end. Since everyone on this planet is here to love and be loved, so if you can tie your vision to love in any way you will be much more likely to persist and make your dreams come true. Love makes you unstoppable and unbreakable like no other emotion ever can! And this is something you will never give up on, because that is why you are here in the first … [Read more...]

If you’re going through hell keep going.


Life isn't always easy. And when things get tough, it's so tempting to stop, try to turn the other way, and run away from our problems. Remember that avoidance and procrastination are not going to solve our problems. In fact terrible situations usually only get worse when left unattended for long periods of time. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room, have the courage to face your problems and go through hell, because there is freedom and relief on the other end. But you won’t get the "juicy good stuff" without enduring the tough part first.  Do your absolute best to go through hell, feel it burn, and keep going anyways. Once you get to the other side, and you have learned your lesson, then you can move on to your next challenge. : )  Your problems will repeat themselves over and over, … [Read more...]

Let your dreams and your fears dance as one


Stop living in despair, stop running towards your dreams and away from your fears. Stand still and allow them to become one. After all they are both your creations. They were both born from you, neither will be able to save your or destroy you, only you can do that. Make it a point to stop running, start listening, and allow both of them to become one and let them dance in unison. Let everything flow through you, don’t focus on the positive or the negative. Just be with yourself, because you are your best dream and your worst fear, all wrapped into one. Learn to live with your own duality and don’t let either side get too much from you.  Embrace yourself, and welcome one of the greatest paradoxes of life. … [Read more...]

Love is … Discipline


  Each day we get closer or further from our higher self Every single day we are faced with choices that either move us towards our desired intentions or away from them. When we are motivated by fear, we become protective, defensive, and at times even suspicious. On the other hand, when we are motivated by love, we feel vibrant, joyful, and act out of a higher level of self-discipline. I believe that people who have a difficulty with self-discipline are usually not acting out of love but out of fear. Discipline is difficult, it is not a skill taught in books, or something that one can learn overnight. It takes practice, patience, and serious effort. There is no greater desire to be disciplined, than the emotion of love. No other force will smooth us and soften us up enough to be … [Read more...]

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire


What turns you on? What sets your soul on fire? When you find the reason behind why you are here you will be unstoppable. There is nothing you can’t do when you are completely aligned with your true self.  Your passion will pour through your pores, and you become a giant!  A giant that can do anything and everything to make their dreams come true. You are powerful, you are unstoppable, but you need to decide for yourself. “You are the most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe.” (Courtesy of  The Lego Movie.)  Find your why, find your reason to be on fire, and go do it! Nothing will be more powerful than YOU! … [Read more...]