Love is the biggest WHY


It doesn't matter how rich, successful, famous, and wealthy you become, none of it is worth anything if you do not have love in your life. Whatever your goals and dreams are, if you back them up by love you are sure to get much further. After all why do we do anything in our life if it is not for love? Anything can be traced back to this single universal human desire. Don’t forget the people along the way, love yourself, love other people, it will give your life meaning and purpose along the way. No matter how shaky the road gets, having love as your foundation can make your journey more enjoyable and satisfying. … [Read more...]

Blood, sweat, tears, rinse and repeat.


This is the formula to success. You must be willing to struggle, and equally willing to fail. There will be blood, and you must be willing to fight. There will be sweat, and you must be willing to keep going, despite the discomfort. And most of all there will be tears. Tears of frustration, of disappointment, and of despair. Have the wisdom and courage to determine when to do each of these. Oh and just when you think you are done, the next round is around the corner. Is your dream worth all of that pain? Are you willing to struggle for what you really want? Prove it! … [Read more...]

Live out of your imagination, not your history.


Life is a beautiful gift, and many of us spend too much time looking back, regretting, wondering what if, and longing for the “good old days.” The past has been, its done, and it is gone. And all for a good reason. Embrace the present moment, and use your imagination to create your version of a perfect world here and now. Don’t drag yourself to the past to try to change it, instead use your energy in creating a more rewarding present and a promising future. Try to think like a kid, allow yourself to wonder and wander, you never know what juicy surprises life has for you. ; )  And you certainly could miss them if you keep looking back! … [Read more...]

Some people are so poor, all they have is money


Chasing money for the sake of having money is not going to make you happy. Look at all the famous celebrities who are financially successful, yet emotionally and socially bankrupt. Don’t forget about your health, surrounding yourself with loved ones, and try to spend your time doing things that you enjoy. Being monetarily "well off" does not solve all of your problems, don’t make money such a focus that you forget about everything and everyone else in your life. If money is your definition of success, and desired final destination, you may need to revisit your priorities. Money won’t go with you to the grave. It’s OK to strive to be rich, but don’t become a slave to money to a degree that you won’t have much else in the end. Surround yourself with good people, and live from your heart, the … [Read more...]

Well done is better than well said


We all say we want to be happy. We all also say that we are going to start a business, lose weight, get married, or buy a home. Why is it then that we procrastinate so much on the big things in life that we really want? We say it, we think it, and then go on about our daily duties and responsibilities.  The real world is quick to overwhelm us with seemingly unending responsibilities. Make sure that you do something every single day to get closer to the goals that you really want to achieve. Saying that you want to be happy, while doing nothing about it makes you a liar to yourself. Start doing, and take baby steps towards happiness. … [Read more...]