We are what we repeatedly do


First we make our habits, and then our habits make us. Everything you do and don’t do on a daily basis is a habit! Your body works in autopilot so much of the time that you could almost take your brain out, and your body would still do the daily repetitive tasks that it is used to. Doing something frequently allows us to become that action. For example if you read every single day for 30 minutes, over time, you become a reader. The same thing goes with anything else in life. Your habits stack, and over time, they become a part of your personality, so try to pick the kind of habits that lead you to living a life you want to live. … [Read more...]

7 Proven Facts to build WordPress Websites that Work & Convert


Creating a WordPress website is not as easy as using a free theme, uploading some pictures and text, and then sitting around to wait for the sales to come in. As technology advances, web visitors have become more savvy and have a high expectations about who they do business with.  If your WordPress website doesn't follow these 7 guidelines, it could be the reason that you are not seeing significant traffic or sales. Build your credibility using social proof Building your credibility using social media can be very easy. Make sure that you are an active member of Facebook/ twitter/ meet-up or some other online community that your readers like and trust. For example if your WordPress website is about social media, make sure that you show buttons of how many people follow you on twitter and … [Read more...]

The brave don’t live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.


This is a true statement! Be brave, be bold, and go directly in the direction of what you really want! It sounds simple, yet so many people walk slowly or sideways towards their desires. They walk with fear and trepidation that they may not get it, or worse yet, get what they want and then lose it. Being cautious and careful has it's place. Of course if you are trying to walk on fire, be careful! But don’t be so afraid to make mistakes in life that you become unwilling to take risks. Live a little, and stop playing it safe. Move towards what you want, and die trying if that is what it takes! It is better to die an honorable death pursuing your deepest desires than to live your life with regret, always asking "what if ...? " … [Read more...]

The Domino Effect of Our Negativity & Limitations #lovedreamlive


LDL Domino Effect of Limitations Negativity from Aida Rojas on Vimeo. In this video I share one of my favorite Mark Nepo Quotes: Do not let the injury or limitation of one thing injure or limit all things. - Mark Nepo ( Book: Seven Thousand Ways To Listen ) Everyone has experienced times when we allow one bad day to spill itself in to the next day, and even the one after that. This creates a domino effect that is difficult to break, and hard to overcome. Suddenly we look around and we are stuck in a pattern of bad days, and we don’t seem to be able to make a breakthrough, and get to the other side. When your work life is not going well, try to focus on the good things going on in your personal life. If you are unable to do something, do not allow that limitation to stop you from … [Read more...]

This is a subtle truth, whatever you love, you are.


Everything and everyone that you love is a direct reflection of yourself. Appreciate and embrace this truth, and find subtle clues throughout the day of this simple message.  It could be by enjoying the breeze of the wind or admiring the brightness of the stars. Look into your lover’s eyes, the eyes of a friend, or a loved one. What you love most about them is really what you love most about yourself. Is it their passion, their creativity, freedom, or innocence? This means that you are also passionate, creative, free, and innocent. Surround yourself with love, and welcome love into your life every day. In a way it is a way to welcome yourself, without fully being aware of it. … [Read more...]

The Number One Reason Why You Are Bored & Broke


What makes the difference between people living in prosperity and abundance and those who struggle to make a living? Why are the rich richer and the poor poorer? Discover What is the number one factor to determine whether you live in poverty or experience abundance. Also learn how can YOU make the shift and transition from being bored and broke to creating abundance in your life. This single shift can make the biggest difference for you and your future. The best part is that you can keep your job and do what you are currently doing for income, WHILE you create something of value to help you make the mind-shift and transition from consumer to producer . Most people recommend that you save money before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, but I believe it is more important to start … [Read more...]