Love Dream Live Self-Discovery & Inspirational Podcast


Hey There Amazing! I recently launched a podcast and wanted to share the exciting news! I'll be publishing new episodes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Also I'm moving away from blogging and most of the future content will be audio or video, with a few quotes and random thoughts sprinkled along the way. The main reason for the change is that I enjoy creating video & audio, it is much more fun, ...and well I really dislike typing. :P The Love Dream Live Podcast #lovedreamlive Life lessons to help you live intensely, dream relentlessly, and live passionately, while creating work / life harmony along your self-discovery journey. Love Intensely In the podcast I will be talking about self-love, relationships, and love in general. I believe that the greatest … [Read more...]

Wherever you are, be all there.

Be All There

Too often we try to escape our reality, negate the present moment, and navigate to someplace else we would rather be, or something else we would rather be doing. For example, there were times that I would play with my son, and while we played, I would secretly be making a to-do list of what I would be doing after we were done playing. So to the external world it looked like I was playing with my son, but internally I was making plans to be somewhere else. Living in the moment, and being all where you are can be very challenging. This is especially true if you are an over achiever, and a go-getter, or you are always looking to complete the next thing on your list. Every time we are someplace else than where we are physically, we are cheating ourselves, lying to ourselves and creating more … [Read more...]

Learn To Be A Creative Creator Without The Limitations of A Lack Mentality


Creative Creators Create From Abundance, Not Lack Share Your Knowledge & Expertise With Others Today's video is about learning to unleash your creativity and share knowledge and talents with others by creating content, courses, videos, or any other form of creative expression. Sometimes the urgency and pressure that we put on ourselves to create passive income, hinders our ability to be creative and spontaneous. Allowing your lack mentality and limitations to put pressure on your creation will backfire, and it will also show through on anything that you create. Commitment, dedication and authenticity go a long way Being authentic and calm, yet confident, will result in better returns on your time investment. I urge you to create from a clear state of mind, and do something for at … [Read more...]

The more extra space you have, the more room for clutter.

Space For Clutter

Yes, there is such thing as having too much! This can mean too big of a house to clean, too big of an office to stay organized, or any space in your life that may feel cluttered and disorganized. If there is more room, more things will show up to fill that room, whether you need them or not. It takes true discipline to be selective and create space only for what is necessary in your life, and your environment. We are always tempted to have more, be more, and do more. But sometimes the clutter and disarray can overwhelm you and cause you to lose focus or momentum. Take time to clean and organize your environment, and this will optimize your productivity and effectiveness throughout your day. If your car is cluttered, or your office, or room, chances are that your mind and thoughts will … [Read more...]

Give Your Business Personality & Succeed ( Uber / AirBnB )


Outdated and Dry Experiences Are No Longer Thriving The Internet Has Created More Businesses & Possibilities Today we will be talking about the fascinating power of the internet and how it has transformed many industries, created new ones, and has had a major role in the demise of other. There are many dying industries in our marketplace today due to the amazing power and influence of the internet. Today if your business doesn't have depth and a friendly and upbeat personality it will be replaced by another one that does!   Uber & AirBnB are disrupting hotel and taxi ( outdated )  business models I use Uber and AirBnB as two examples of newer businesses that have personality and therefore are thriving business models. Outdated offers like dry and boring hotel rooms … [Read more...]

Discovery consists not in seeking new land but in seeing with new eyes.

Seeing With New Eyes

Sometimes it may feel like finding a new job, a new relationship, or a new place to live will help us solve our problems and end our life’s dilemmas. But while outside circumstances may differ, we are still the same person inside. We will go to the new job and make the same mistake, we will go into a relationship and still have the same blind spots, and that new place we move to will continue to bring us the same problems. Trying to escape our problems, instead of facing them head on, only prolongs our struggle. Look inside of yourself for an explanation of why this is causing pain in your life. What lesson do you need to learn? How do you need to shift your perspective. Looking at the same things with new eyes can be challenging, since we usually take what is in front of us for … [Read more...]

Our Heart Unites Our Mind Divides, Live In Harmony, Not In Tug Of War


Your Head & Heart Love To Contradict Each Other Today's video is about what it looks like to live from your heart, and what it looks like to live out of your head. Our minds and emotions work in very different ways and we need to be open and aware to listen to both. When we live out of our mind we are drawn to facts, figures, scientific explanation, and focused on survival. We are turned outward, and tuned to the external world for feedback and validation. When we live out of our emotions we are drawn to intuition, sensations, and energy and focused on expansion. We are turned inward, and listen to our internal guidance for feedback and validation. Neither one is right or wrong, we just need to be open and pay attention to both, to live a happier and more fulfilling … [Read more...]