Craigslist lead generation using the smart friend approach


Craigslist business lead generation from Aida Rojas Generating leads on Craigslist can still be highly lucrative when done correctly. Follow the "smart friend" approach and learn how to create a new stream of leads for your small business through Craigslist. I use this to generate leads for a personal trainer who holds boot camps, a hair stylist and a moving company. Although it is not the only source of leads, it is a great way to supplement other social media or paid traffic options. In this presentation you will discover why people are not using Craigslist to it's full potential, how to make your advertisement stand out, how to let people qualify themselves, and how to approach big ticket items. Also there is a tool that I use to automate the lead generation portion that can … [Read more...]

Stop acting so small, you are the universe in ecstatic motion.


All of your insecurities, all your secrets, and everything that makes you feel shame or regret needs to be released. All of these are a burden to you and work to weigh you down and shrink you down to size. Maybe you’ve been acting so small because you don’t believe in yourself. You don’t believe that you deserve what you really want. Maybe you think its too late, or that everyone else can have it but you. Realize that you have everything within you to change your life completely around if you just stop settling for the small stuff and start being true to yourself and start pursuing your dreams. Release all that weighs you down, and embrace your inner power to make your deepest desires a reality. … [Read more...]

Minimize who you are in order to Maximize who you want to be


Taking a proactive approach to change I’ve recently been going through some major life changes and transitions.  Near the end of last year I realized that I needed to become less of who I was, in order to become more of who I wanted to be. It’s simple.  I decided to reduce the clutter in my life, get rid of what was longer serving me, and make room for better experiences. I’ve found a way to reduce my responsibilities, de-clutter my environment, and get myself closer to being around the people I love. I recently moved back to Grapevine with my siblings and I love it. The reason this is such a big deal for me is that I have always been very big on independence and autonomy.  But this lead me to a breaking point, where I was unhappy, uninspired and overwhelmed with responsibilities.  So … [Read more...]

The people who know how will always work for the people who know why


Don’t be allured by the current technicality and complexity of the world. Embrace the simple beauty and underlying reason for everything we do and everything we are. Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? Understand that there is a universal truth and language that unites all of humanity, and propels us forward in the waves of time. Instead of finding out how to do things, find the motives behind anything you do. Stop to listen to the silence that unites us and decipher from that why you are here and where you belong in the complex orchestra of this art we call life. Discover your why, and discover the why of the entire universe. Shine your unlimited power, without having to justify it, measure it, contain it, or explain how it is done. … [Read more...]

When little is known, much is imagined.


We can be our own best friends or our own worst enemies. It’s our choice : ) When we know a little bit about a situation we can decide to make the best of it or the worst of it. Either way we choose, so it will be. The human mind tends to be fascinated by what could be and what could happen. So much so, that it can be hard to live in the present moment and enjoy life in the here and now. Sometimes we are too busy daydreaming about a rosy and perfect future, or dreading what we think lies ahead. As a result we miss all that is. Your imagination is a fabulous gift. Be careful what you do with it, and remember to check back with reality once in a while. … [Read more...]

Don’t wait! Have the courage to choose yourself!


Waiting on someone else stinks! Personally, nothing makes me more nervous, than waiting on someone else to choose me. This could be waiting to be chosen amongst other candidates for a particular web design project. Waiting to be chosen to speak at an event. Or waiting to be chosen by a popular blog to publish my guest post, the list can go on and on. Truth is that I don't know anyone who is excited about the possibility of waiting to see if Waiting to be chosen is a terrible feeling. It feels like just maybe you will be the ‘lucky one’ to be selected to get what you have been waiting for. When you wait, you give your power away.  You are also allowing something or someone else to determine if you are worthy of what you want. That can never be comforting. Don't put yourself on … [Read more...]

How Technology Trumps Experience in a Digital Workplace


In the past, experience mattered It used to be that the younger, less experienced generations in the past always had to go to the more seasoned employees to get advice on how to succeed in the workplace. Their motives were to get internships, or be able to shadow others in order to “learn the ropes” and get more skills under their belt. This practice of the older generations teaching the younger ones has worked for so many centuries, until now. The evolving workplace Today the workplace is so diverse and so competitive that everything is being turned completely upside down. Jobs are being outsourced, companies are downsizing, a lot of teams are working remotely, and technology is quickly making some business models completely obsolete. It’s a new world and the rules are changing fast … [Read more...]

8 Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Website


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Website from Aida Rojas Here is my new SlideShare presentation about Digital Marketing Strategies, and 8 components that need to be addressed during or after the launch of your website. A website is never "done", it is always work in progress. View the presentation to learn more about the 8 components that directly impact your WordPress website's performance and success. … [Read more...]