Don’t wait! Have the courage to choose yourself!


Waiting on someone else stinks! Personally, nothing makes me more nervous, than waiting on someone else to choose me. This could be waiting to be chosen amongst other candidates for a particular web design project. Waiting to be chosen to speak at an event. Or waiting to be chosen by a popular blog to publish my guest post, the list can go on and on. Truth is that I don't know anyone who is excited about the possibility of waiting to see if Waiting to be chosen is a terrible feeling. It feels like just maybe you will be the ‘lucky one’ to be selected to get what you have been waiting for. When you wait, you give your power away.  You are also allowing something or someone else to determine if you are worthy of what you want. That can never be comforting. Don't put yourself on … [Read more...]

How Technology Trumps Experience in a Digital Workplace


In the past, experience mattered It used to be that the younger, less experienced generations in the past always had to go to the more seasoned employees to get advice on how to succeed in the workplace. Their motives were to get internships, or be able to shadow others in order to “learn the ropes” and get more skills under their belt. This practice of the older generations teaching the younger ones has worked for so many centuries, until now. The evolving workplace Today the workplace is so diverse and so competitive that everything is being turned completely upside down. Jobs are being outsourced, companies are downsizing, a lot of teams are working remotely, and technology is quickly making some business models completely obsolete. It’s a new world and the rules are changing fast … [Read more...]

8 Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies For Your Website


Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Website from Aida Rojas Here is my new SlideShare presentation about Digital Marketing Strategies, and 8 components that need to be addressed during or after the launch of your website. A website is never "done", it is always work in progress. View the presentation to learn more about the 8 components that directly impact your WordPress website's performance and success. … [Read more...]

Your Career … It’s not what you do, it’s who you become


Where your time goes and money comes from Our career paths play a big role in our overall life satisfaction. Not only do they consume the majority of our time, they also offer us the reward of an income. Therefore what we choose to do for a living directly impacts the quality of our time and the amount of money we make. Undoubtedly this is an important decision in life since time and money are two of the most valuable resources that we possess. Focused solely on survival Survival is a big deal. Sure there’s bills to pay and lots of responsibilities to take care of. But if you are focused on survival and make your career choices solely on extrinsic motivations, you will be miserable and frustrated in the long run. While societal and external pressures may influence your decision, if they … [Read more...]

Building value and transitioning from free information to paid education


Content Marketing and Value Building Go Hand in Hand Content marketing success comes by strategically building and delivering valuable information to help solve people's problems. The magic of this dynamic comes from the fact that people are already searching for the answers to their questions and your role is to be at the right place at the right time with the answers. Your goal should be to provide your target audience with information that can help to solve their problems relatively easily and quickly. First, people need to learn to like and trust you On the first layer of the process people are learning to like and trust you. When your audience sees the value in your content, some will be satisfied with your free solution, do it themselves and just stop. Most people will do nothing … [Read more...]

The gym IS NOT For Everyone Find Your Own Retreat!


Dreading the gym? Don't force it. During the beginning of the new year a lot of people are trying to keep their resolution to lose weight, work out, or do some sort of physical activity. It seems to me that sometimes we make unrealistic expectations and set goals that could seem intimidating and discouraging, yet necessary. If we have made it a habit to not exercise frequently, the thought of starting to do it can be paramount. Sometimes it's best to find something that could be fun for you while keeping you active and it doesn’t necessarily have to be accomplished by going to the gym. I'm not the “work out” kind of person, so it will be highly unlikely that you will find me at the gym in order to stay fit. No way no how. I could force myself to go but it would feel unrewarding and … [Read more...]

Your Thoughts Stack and Multiply Daily to Create Your Reality


What you focus on expands, use this to your advantage Thoughts are multipliers in your mind because they tend to have a stacking affect. For example if you continually create patterns of negative thoughts, most of the time you will have negative thoughts, negative emotions, as well as negative experiences. On the other hand if you condition your mind to have positive thoughts this will have a massive impact on your happiness because they can create lasting change and bring you happiness. What you focus your attention on becomes more real, and it expands. Thoughts are things. The quality and frequency of your daily thoughts will have a massive positive impact on how you see reality. Everything that is in your life right now began as a thought. The people you surround yourself with, the … [Read more...]

The ever changing journey of learning to master time


Time is a valuable gift that does not discriminate Everyone has the same 7 days a week, and 24 hours in a day. Time does not discriminate, it is equal to everyone. When we spend time doing things that do not serve us or help us go in the direction of our goals, there is a cost. When we spend time doing things that do not serve us or help us go in the direction of our goals, we are in essence squandering the valuable gift of time. This lesson  can't be learned from entrepreneurial books I can remember a big struggle for me at the early stages of my entrepreneurial journey was trying to find a way to balance my time.  I usually found myself either overbooked or with little business, and I couldn't quite get it right. During my free time I also felt like I was being pulled in too many … [Read more...]

Love is the biggest why, everything else is simply not enough


Love is the biggest "WHY" I deeply believe that if love is not at the root of all we do, then what we do doesn't really matter. The ultimate and only reason I feel compelled to take massive action, change the world, turn it upside down, and back up again, is the unseen power of love. Without that inspiration behind my wings, what I can do, and what I will do, will vary significantly. The work we do and the things we make, the places we go and the people at stake… The entire world revolves around this single power. The power of love. As humans, we can’t control it, can’t explain it. There is no measuring it, we can’t contain it, and we do the unimaginable try to chase it and keep it. Without it we are nothing, yet with it we are unstoppable. I truly believe that the biggest difference … [Read more...]

Survival mode kills creativity, take time to refresh!


Being under too much pressure to be creative There's times when I feel "stuck" and I feel so overwhelmed and have so much going on that it is too hard for me to focus. When I am in this state I can't do anything creative, and no fresh ideas come to mind. Although I have multiple projects to work on, I can't gather enough energy to get to any of them done and make them happen. I get frustrated, it's hard to work, hard to do much of anything else and I almost force myself to work, thinking that I'm using my discipline and common sense. Sometimes I have to push myself to get unstuck, and I create this sense of urgency that puts me in a state of panic instead of a space where I can be productive and creative. Survival mode and creativity do not get along I know myself well enough to be … [Read more...]