We Tend To Become As Big As What We Give Worth To


What Are You Giving Worth To In Your Life? Hi There, Today's video was inspired by a guest on the Unmistakable Creative Podcast. His name is Robert Bell and he was sharing with Srini thoughts about how he overcame hardship. During their conversation he said something that stuck with me. He said "We Become As Big As Whatever We Give Worth To" During this video I share my personal experience of how my life changed when I shifted my focus from my problems and struggles, to myself and my desires. When we focus on the minor things in life, we survive. When we focus on our self-worth, confidence, opportunities, and possibilities we expand and we thrive. It makes a world of a difference and I find that for myself it is very true that I tend to become as big or as small as what I give worth to … [Read more...]

Not till we are lost, do we begin to find ourselves.


  People only want an umbrella in the rain, and sunglasses when it’s bright outside. Sometimes we need a little bit of contrast in our lives to learn what we like, what we don’t like, and why we either like it or not. In order to be inspired to find yourself, you will need to feel lost first. It’s alright to be lost, it’s OK to not be OK. Strive to find some balance, and learn that oftentimes life is a paradox. We must know the darkness to see the light. We must know what we are not, so we know who and what we really are. Embrace the moments when you feel lost, clarity will come soon. … [Read more...]

Having An Attitude of Gratitude Brings Opportunities


Welcome today's video is about a juicy subject that makes life absolutely fabulous! : ) I consider this THE "secret" to getting more of what you want in your life. The secret is actually very simple, it is: to have an attitude of gratitude. Stop asking for more and start savoring the blessings of everything and everyone that already surrounds you. Be grateful for your family, your health, and for being alive RIGHT NOW. If we are always asking, and being materialistic about having "stuff" we are overlooking all the wonderful gifts that life has already given us. Just for one day, don't focus on what you're missing, focus on what you already have and how lucky you already are at this very moment. Listen To My Other Related Love Dream Live Podcasts Here: … [Read more...]

Don’t be afraid to give up the good for the great


  Are you settling? Be honest with yourself, you don’t have to tell anyone or ever admit it to another soul. Are you settling for a good enough job, home, or relationship?  Would you be willing to walk away if you saw something better come around? Not in a way that you are running away from your commitments, but in a way where you are being completely truthful to yourself about what feels fulfilling to you. Sometimes being in comfortable places in life feels a lot like security. When in truth we are afraid to give up the good for the great. A part of this could be your disbelief in deserving anything better, or simply a lack of desire to create disruption in your life.  Release that fear and embrace the challenge of spicing things up in your life through intentional action and … [Read more...]

Thinking Inside of The Box To Discover Your Fears and Limitations


Today's video is a life hack that I use to get clear on what is holding me back when I am unsure of what is going on with me. When I do this it gets me directly in front of my biggest fears and limitations. There's times when I feel trapped, stuck, or frustrated and it's hard to know exactly why it's happening. I came up with this idea out of desperation during a challenging part of my life when I was moving and in a transition phase that brought up a lot of emotions for me. Watch the video and learn the trick that will help you to easily access these "hidden" negative emotions. It will help you create urgency so that you aren't a bystander, and you actually do something to face these issues. I share a personal story of how this helped me open up to letting go and starting over. Also I … [Read more...]

Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.

Questions Complicated Answers Are Simple

We love to complicate things, we love to over-think, and sometimes the answers we are looking for are so simple that we completely overlook them. Why do we insist on making everything more difficult for ourselves?  Learn to accept the simplicity of life and welcome the subtle and gentle signs it gives you. Don’t read too much between the lines, don’t lose sleep over small stuff. Take a step back, relax and breathe. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist everyday, give yourself a break, and take things as they are, not as what they may seem like in your head. … [Read more...]

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a tree by its ability to climb a tree …


You are a genius! That is right, you reading this line right this second, let me say it again. You are a GENIUS!! You have the power of the entire universe on your pinky!  But what if you are a genius at writing and you didn't know it because you make a living selling boxes, and you have never even tried to write? Oftentimes the pressure of society causes people to become something other than what they are here to do. The need to conform can cause so much psychological damage that people no longer know who they are or why they are here. If you are struggling in your current career try to explore your personal interests more. The more you try new things the more likely you are to discover just what it is that you are a genius at! : ) If You Enjoyed This, Listen My Related Podcasts : … [Read more...]